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Learn akan twi online

Free virtual Akan Twi class

Learn how to express yourself in the most widely spoken African language, Akan Twi for free. Yes, for free!

We’ve been expecting you!

You have a burning interest to speak Twi confidently, but you don’t know where or how to start.

Or maybe you already made an effort to learn. But now, you are wondering if it’s even worth it because you have tried every Akan Twi language resource available to you, but your fluency in Twi is just not getting any better.

Now take a moment to applaud yourself because it’s been a tough journey,

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But all your Akan Twi struggles are over now!

Whenever you are around Twi speakers, the language just seems to roll off their tongues effortlessly, and then you try it and wonder,

What’s wrong with me?

Well, guess what.

Nothing is wrong with you. Even the most fluent Twi speakers were once beginners like you.

But there’s a difference between their journey towards fluency and yours.

akan twi

They did not learn it on their own!

No. They had either of two things (or even both of those things). Things that you didn’t have.

You wanna know what they had?

Some of them had a Twi-speaking community around them that helped them get familiar with the speech mannerism.

Others had a Twi tutor who simplified the complex grammar you see in those Twi textbooks


This is where Ayekoo Afrique comes in.

We are addicted to pushing African Languages in the Diaspora. You caught us red-handed trying to give you some of the good stuff.

But, before you tell on us, give us a chance to convert you into a fluent speaker of the most spoken language in Ghana, as we have been doing to others for the past year!

There may be an ocean between you and the Twi-speaking community in Ghana, but we have built a virtual bridge across that ocean.

You are in luck! To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we are handing you a FREE VIP ticket to cross over that bridge.

This is an all-expense-paid experience, and across that bridge, you will find a native Twi Tutor who will have you conversing in Twi after only 30 minutes.

What will you learn in this free event?

How to greet like a real Twi speaker.

Ghanaians always begin their conversations with greetings. Being aware of the most used form of greetings and how to pronounce them will go a long way in getting the attention of any Twi speaker when you speak to them.

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How to start a convo in Twi with confidence

Do you think you are shy? It's time to take that off and flow with the Twi wave! You will learn how to exchange pleasantries as every native Twi speaker does.

The Simplest Ways To Pronounce Twi Words.

How to pronounce Twi words like you've lived in Accra all your life. Twi can be complex with its pronunciations, but say there's a trick to mastering pronunciations in Twi.

Wanna know what it is?

Get comfy with your new Twi community.

To help boost your speaking confidence, you will learn alongside other Twi Beginners who are just like you. No posers, no self-acclaimed experts that make you feel like you can’t speak the language well.

Learn Akan Twi with Kwame Amoh

Who is Your Twi Tutor?

My name is Kwame Amoh Emmanuel Berefour. I have lived all my life in Ghana. I do a lot of listening, speaking, learning and writing in Twi. In fact, Twi has been my first language. As a basic education teacher, I teach young learners twi  therefore I know what it takes and how it feels to learn a new language.  I am therefore going to make the learning process very easy as you can imagine with all these experiences.

Have you being taught by a born teacher or made teacher before? How about a born and made teacher? Can you tell the differences? Well, be happy because you’ve met one today!, a born and made teacher. You will gain the confidence, fluency and understanding you need in the  Twi language with my well  prepared lesson notes and special delivery techniques.

Have heard of the Ghana’s  Paga crocodile pond ? There is this saying that; “want to ride at the crocodile’s back, then why not come to paga?” and I choose to say that a lot each day but in my own way ;“want to speak and understand Twi like a native, then why not learn with Kwame Amoh”.