Free virtual Yoruba class.

Learn how to express yourself in the most widely spoken African language for free. Yes, for free!

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Picture this.

🥺 You’ve been trying to learn Yoruba for many years now. But it almost seems impossible to get hang of the pronunciation. Every single time. Well, then you say, “Yoruba is soooo difficult to pronounce.”

😣 Sometimes, you might even start learning the language. But then you quit. You quit because there wasn’t anyone to help you practice the few words and expressions you have learnt.

😢 The clock is ticking. You’re supposed to travel to Nigeria, or some  other part of Africa. Your main source of anxiety is from the fact you may feel like a stranger, or foreigner in Nigeria– since, well, you don’t speak any of the country’s over 500 languages.

Guilty as charged!

This is where AYEKOO AFRIQUE comes in. We are responsible for aggressively pushing African languages in the Diaspora.

You caught us red handed, trying to convert you into a fluent speaker of the most widely spoken African language in the world, like we did to several others.

Now they can’t get enough.
But we promise you, it’s highly beneficial. Allow us give you some of the good stuff. FOR FREE. First round is on us, and it will have you coming back.

Yoruba is the most spoken language in Nigeria’s largest and commercial city, Lagos, and the second most spoken language in Nigeria with a total of 40 million speakers.

In this free live event, you (like many other Americans) will be learning essential conversation starters in Yoruba that will make you sound like an indigenous speaker.

Many language learners — especially Yoruba learners in the USA — say that the biggest problem they face learning a new language is ACTUALLY SPEAKING the language.

This is not another boring language course that frustrates you with theoretical and prepositional jargon

This is not a “do it all by yourself” language course that makes you want to give up the second you begin

This free Virtual Yoruba class is a highly interactive and conversational class for Yoruba beginners with an enthusiastic tutor ready to get the language rolling off your tongue immediately.

What will you learn in this free event?

How to greet like a real Yoruba speaker.

Yoruba people always begin their conversations with greetings. Being aware of the most used form of greetings and how to pronounce them will go a long way in getting the attention of any Yoruba person when you speak to them.

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How to start a convo in Yoruba with confidence

You think you are shy? It's time to take that off and flow with the Yoruba wave! More essential Yoruba phrases are introduced as the class progresses. Essential phrases like "How are you", "Where are you from" and their responses.

The Simplest Ways To Pronounce Yoruba Words.

Yoruba is a tonal language, which means one word could mean different things depending on how it is pronounced. This makes Yoruba one of the easiest languages to learn because you don't have too many words to learn. But it also makes it a tricky language when it comes to accurate pronunciation of words.

Claim your opportunity to be a bilingual/multilingual speaker of a fast-growing language like Yoruba in the USA.

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We Are Exposing Your Friends. Here is Some Of The Good Stuff They Have Been Having Behind Your Back Without Telling You.

"My tutor Ore was prompt and prepared for the lesson. The atmosphere was conducive for learning. It takes me a little longer to digest new information but he was very personable, patient, and thorough. He provided both content and context to the lesson including the importance of understanding the cultural aspects of the Yoruba people to the use of the language. I recommend this course without any reservations." – T.W Manson

T.W Manson, Author and Traveler, USA.

Ore Adesina Ayekoo Afrique

Who is Your Yoruba Tutor?

My name is Ore Adesina and this not another profile where Trainers gloat about how many people they have taught or mentored.

I am just like you!
I wasn’t always the confident Yoruba speaker that I am today. No.

I was born to Yoruba Parents but lived very far away from my Yoruba heritage, much like how Africans in Diaspora live far from the continent of Africa. And like my African-American students have corroborated, this distance was my strongest enemy in learning Yoruba and connecting to my roots. But over the years, I constantly practised with every Yoruba resource at my disposal—including movies and music. And now I am committed to teaching Yoruba language to people, who (like I was) are too far from Yoruba speaking communities to help them learn how to speak the language.

And now, using all the skills I have learnt in the past years on how to speak Yoruba easily, I am committed to teaching Yoruba language to people, who (like I was) are too far from Yoruba speaking communities to help them learn how to speak the language.