Learn Akan Twi with Kwame Amoh

Who is Your Akan- Twi Tutor?

Learn Akan Twi with Kwame Amoh

Kwame Amoh Berefour

AKAN (Twi)🇬🇭

In the land of Ghana with multiple tribes speaking over 250 languages, Twi- the language of the Akan people is the most spoken language. The language reflects the Ghanaian culture and so understanding and speaking it is a great advantage to you.

Learning Twi as a language is awesome, fun, challenging, exciting, rewarding and intriguing. But it can also be tough. Nevertheless, it can be as easy as you can imagine with me as your tutor.

I am Amoh Emmanuel Berefour, a native of Ghana and an Akan as well. Amoh, basic education teacher with a year experience, adopts learner centred approaches in teaching hence making his lessons interesting. I am here to fast track your learning of Twi – No two ways about that. Learn with Amoh, learn the right way!!