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Lawrence Kwofie


Lawrence Kwofie

About me

My name is Lawrence Kwofie from Allabokazo in the Ellembele district of the Western part of Ghana. I am a young man of about 32 years of age.

 I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ghanaian Languages (Nzema Education). After completion, I worked with Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) as a Material Development Specialist and a consultant for about two-years. From there I also worked with Olinga Foundation for Human Development and fhi360 on a USAID sponsored program as a Regional Training and Coaching Coordinator.

I am currently working as a language consultant, a translator, teacher in the Nzema language, a philanthropist and a girl-child education activist.

My teaching style.

As a professional teacher, my teaching philosophy has always be about “Student Motivation”, a driving tool for good classroom teaching and learning experiences. Motivating my students with the “Can Do” ideology has yielded many results especially students with no background knowledge in the learning, writing and speaking of the Nzema Language. I believe when students are been motivated to take a certain task, they end up excelling as compared to other teaching philosophies. I have always maintained a teacher-to-student relationship as my teaching skill with most at times giving room for students to express themselves with only giving little assistance. Students who studied under my care always yearn to have me as their teacher even after completion because of my sense of humor, research skills, good and prompt feedback and creation of a serene learning atmosphere to accommodate all learning abilities.

What you can expect.

Irrespective of our mode of lesson delivery whether in person or online, I have always maintained my professionalism of helping student to achieve their goals and meeting every set learning objective.