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Ayekoo Afrique: Who are we?

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We were founded to bridge the gap between you and Africa

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At Ayekoo Afrique, we have a simple mission:

Making learning an African language as easy as jollof rice on a Sunday afternoon. We understand the emotional struggles that come with not being able to communicate with family members, connect with your cultural roots, or even vibe to the hottest Afrobeat songs.

But our passionate team is dedicated to being the bridge that connects you to the beauty and diversity of African cultures, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Story

Ayekoo Afrique was founded by two West Africans

reynell, co-founder

Reynell Okine-Adjetey

Ore Adesina Ayekoo Afrique Founder

David Oreoluwa Adesina


We were inspired by the diaspora.

We were both virtually surrounded by a group of lovely African-American women who were fascinated and very much interested in understanding diverse African lifestyles, and our languages. Some of them were married to African men, and others just felt a special connection to the motherland as the home of their Ancestors.

Due to the bond we had formed with them, as well as being online tutors ourselves, we randomly and sparingly educated a few of them about our languages to the best of our ability on a personal level. But as West Africa is extremely diverse in terms of ethnicities (there are over 500 of them), we didn’t know all the cultures/languages on our own. So we were inspired to think of a way to serve our community of African Americans.

Just like any typical African, we were excited that people were interested in learning about our culture. Our biggest motivation was their interest in learning our languages. 

The Virtual Bridge across the Atlantic Ocean.

So we built a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean and named it Ayekoo Afrique (Ayekoo is a Ga word that means well-done). We built the bridge for people of African descent to crossover virtually to the African continent in order to learn an African language of their choice with a native speaker, via one-on-one conversational lessons that aim to help them gain confidence, cultural exposure, and fluency in the language they are interested in.

We started out in October 2020, with two languages and gradually expanded to six, namely: Ga (Ghana), Yoruba (Nigeria), Twi (Ghana), Hausa, and Ibibio (Nigeria).

We, along with our amazing team, have built an online presence on major social media platforms and media outlets through contents posted on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. As well as podcasts episodes where we discuss a range of topics regarding African lifestyle and languages. We also expand on fascinating topics on our website’s blog 

Ayekoo Afrique’s success is due to the collective effort and dedication from our management team and awesome tutors.

What our students say...

Our mission

We have since extended and continue extending this bridge to all Africans in the diaspora through the languages we offer. For example, Yoruba:

  •  To Families of Yoruba speaking Nigerians in the Diaspora.

  •  To Foreign descendants of ancestors who were of Yoruba heritage.

We aim to reduce the gap between the continent of Africa and those in the diaspora as we continue to expand to more languages. By so doing, we connect you with interesting tutors who are native speakers of the language you choose to learn.

In addition, we want to make the idea of learning African languages as desirable as learning German, Spanish, etc.

So welcome to Ayekoo Afrique. Now you know us, and we desire to know you as well. Choose a language to get started.