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African Language Courses

Presently, Ayekoo Afrique offers courses in the following languages: Ga, Twi, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibio, Moroccan Arabic (Darija). We plan on including  more African language courses soon. You can also request a language if you cannot find it on our website here.

African languages you can start learning today

Yoruba 🇳🇬

Commence learning the Yoruba language of the Yoruba people located in Nigeria.


Twi 🇬🇭

Pick up the Akan Twi language of the Akan people before going to Ghana. Medaase?

Learn African languages

Ga 🇬🇭

Start learning the Gã language of the Ga people of Ghana's vibrant capital, Accra.

Ibibio 🇳🇬

Start learning the Ibibio language of the Ibibio people located in Nigeria.


Igbo 🇳🇬

Commence learning the Igbo language of the igbo people located in Nigeria.

hausa woman smiling

Hausa 🇳🇬

Commence learning the most popular language in West Africa– Hausa


Darija 🇲🇦

Wanna learn some Darija before booking your flight to Morocco?

nzema kundum festival

Nzema 🇬🇭

Start learning the Nzema language spoken in the western coast of Ghana.

Can’t find the African language you are looking for?