Ayekoo Afrique is now AYEKOO AFRIQUE LLC, USA.

Ayekoo Afrique hits the ground running in the USA

The Founders of Ayekoo Afrique, Reynell Okine-Adjetey and Ore Adesina, announce a major milestone of their Company– being a registered LLC in the United States of America.

Ayekoo Afrique hits the ground running in the USA.

On Monday, the 31st of May 2021, Ayekoo Afrique officially became a registered Company under USA government laws. The Founders, Ore Adesina, and Reynell have spoken about why this was necessary and how it impacts the growth of the Company going forward.

In October 2020, we created Ayekoo Afrique with a major goal in mind: to be the virtual bridge that connects Africa to the Diaspora. And from the very beginning, we wanted to do things the right way. We wanted to create a legal organisation that meets all the needs of our customers. So a big part of our agenda was to get Ayekoo Afrique registered. However, it wasn’t as simple as we thought it would be.


As Ayekoo Afrique progressed, unforeseen challenges presented themselves in many ways. One major problem we faced was that a lot of Banks and Financial Tech Corporations in the USA and European countries. Most did not want to do business with Companies registered in Africa. This was a concern to us because the majority of our students (past and present) are located in those countries.

Even though we found a temporary solution, that wasn’t enough. This is because without being a registered company in either Europe or the USA, there was only a limited amount of money the company was allowed to earn. Incidentally, we started looking over our shoulders every minute. The company’s growth started to look like a blessing and a curse at the same time. With every progressive milestone achieved, the chances of being banned by the Big Fintech organisations increased.

We approached several countries in Europe. We made several calls to their international offices and even sent team representatives to discuss our objectives. At the end of it all, the USA was our best option and we cannot be happier to have made the right decision to serve our students and audience better.

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We are now more committed than ever to bringing together two worlds apart; the Diaspora and the African continent. Like we said, our main goal was to build a link between Africa and the diaspora. Building a bridge to serve the interest of people far away from Africa. Read our full story here, if you haven’t.

We believe being far away from Africa does not mean you have to miss out on the things that make the continent a beautiful place; languages and cultures. Imagine having to travel back and forth to the continent every month just to learn. You would be facing a hell of a commute.

We created our company to solve these kinds of problems.

Our 12% discounted  lesson packages will save you thousands of dollars in roundtrip tickets, accommodation fees, etc to learn in person on the continent. Instead, we help you make that one trip count, by perfecting your fluency to make a wonderful impression on natives of the country.

Finally, to celebrate our recent breakthrough, we are handing you a visa-free ticket into any of the three countries our 6 languages are located in. Your Visa-free ticket comes in the form of a 30 minutes trial lesson with any language tutor of your choice. Many of our students pick one language and stay committed to it for several months, but some dare to have a taste of two different languages of the hundreds that mother Africa has cooked in her pot. Whichever type of learner you are, our team is here for you. Pick a lesson now and if you love what we do, subscribe to our newsletter. We love you too and can’t wait to meet you.

See you soon.

–The Ayekoo Afrique Team.