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 Tutor Introduction

tutor Ore

Ore Adesina


Bawo ni?

I’m Ore Adesina and this not another profile where Trainers gloat about how many people they have taught or mentored.

I wasn’t always the confident Yoruba speaker that I am today. No, I was once like you.

Though I was born to Yoruba Parents, I lived very far away from the Yoruba community in Nigeria—much like how Africans in the Diaspora live far from the continent of Africa. So distance was my biggest enemy and barrier in learning Yoruba—I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s yours too.

However, through the years, I constantly practised with every Yoruba resource I could find—including movies and music. It was a super long and lonely journey for me, but I got there.

Fortunately, yours won’t be so long and lonely. I’ve replaced the long and boring textbook stuff with the real life conversations you need. My methods encourage you to start speaking Yoruba from our very first lesson and you get to build your confidence through each lesson.

Ready to start learning Yoruba? I’ll see you in class!